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The Lion Dental Health Program was established in Malaysia in 1998. It is part of our continuous effort to be a responsible Corporate Citizen. The LDH Program is one of our special project adapted from Lion Japan, which we help to contribute to the society in promoting oral health awareness.

The objectives of the Lion Dental Health Program are :

  1. A social contribution program by Southern Lion as a means to serve the society better.
  2. To create awareness among the public on the importance of maintaining good oral hygiene for better overall health.
  3. To educate children from a younger age to cultivate good oral hygiene habits.

Our main target audience are children from the ages of 4-12 years. We believe that awareness and education should start at a young age. To reach out to children more effectively, the program is done in a fun and interactive way. Our Lion Dental Health Program consists of a story telling Session, tooth brushing demonstration and fun quiz sessions.

Since its inception in 1998, the Lion Dental Health Program has reached out to almost 1 million children all across Malaysia.

If you are interested in the Lion Dental Health Program, kindly drop us an email at