Southern Lion Website Privacy Policy


  1. Southern Lion Sdn Bhd and its affiliated partners ensure the privacy and confidentiality of consumers for information shared on or with the Sites. Please read our privacy policy carefully to get a clear understanding of how we collect, use, protect or otherwise handle your personal identifiable information in accordance with our Websites.
  2. “Personal data” refers to personally identifiable information provided voluntarily from you, which may include not only your name, address, telephone number, screen name, email address, age, sex and family status, but may also include other information such as shopping habits and preferences as well as lifestyle details such as hobbies and interests. Rest assured that no personal data from your visits to our Websites will be collected unless you provide this information voluntarily.
  3. All clarifications to use of personal data in our Websites will be made as to the purposes of information required, and your consent will be sought prior to such use. Information supplied to us will be used solely for the following purposes.
  4. We usually require your personal information for the following purposes:
    1. Answering your queries
      We may need to have your information so that we can understand and answer your enquiry more precisely.
    2. Improving our services
      We may need to utilize your information for polling and statistical purposes through our Websites to improve our services.
    3. Entering a promotion
      Personal data may be required in the submission of an entry form for a promotion for the purpose of its administration in accordance with its stated rules. Publication of abbreviated winners’ identity details may be required in such rules and winners may be required to participate in future publicity. Third party agencies who may have access to data submitted may administer promotion on behalf of Southern Lion and its affiliated partners.
    4. E- Marketing
      You will occasionally receive information and/or offers regarding products that we believe may be of interest to you. You may unsubscribe from such contact/emails at any time.
  5. Data Processors
    Third parties may be occasionally retained in order to process or analyze data collected on our Websites, including your personal data. Third parties are contractually obliged not to use your personal data in any way other than that which we have specified.
  6. Security
    Safety precautions are taken to keep your personal data secure, and we require third party data processors to do likewise. All personally identifiable information is subject to restricted access to prevent unauthorized access, modification or misuse. Please note, however, that your personal data may be released if required to do so by law, search warrant, subpoena or court order.
  7. Data Protection:
    1. Categories of Personal Information Collected. There are three categories of
      personal information that we collect.

      • Personally Identifiable Information: Information provided by the consumer that identifies him or her.

      • Non-Personally Identifiable Information: Information not directly linked to you personally but consists
      of information regarding IP addresses, website usage, browser versions, pages most visited, duration
      and time of visit, and geographic location.

      • Personal Financial Information: Information provided by the consumer that consists of credit card
      details that is requested at the point of purchase of any product at the Websites.

    2. Personal Information Not Covered by this Privacy Policy
      This Privacy Policy does not cover information provided via chat, forums, and postings, and Southern Lion Sdn Bhd is not liable for any resulting consequences. However, Southern Lion Sdn Bhd would like to encourage a safe and friendly Internet presence for all consumers of its Sites and encourage users to refrain from disclosing personal information.
    3. How we collect personally identifiable information
      Personally Identifiable Information is only collected when the consumer voluntarily chooses to provide his/her personal details to the website upon request.
    4. How we collect and use non-personally identifiable information
      Non-Personally Identifiable Information is collected through tracking tools such as cookies, which operate as you use the Sites.
    5. Modification to Privacy Policy
      Southern Lion Sdn Bhd hold the rights to amending the Privacy Policy as and when deemed necessary. No other parts of the Sites may be modified without written consent of Southern Lion. As such, modifications to the Legal Privacy will be notified to visitors and consumers to the Sites in this page.