1. Enhancing The Landscape of Zoo Johor

Zoo Johor has been operating since 1928 and was named as ‘Kebun Binatang’. During that time, the Zoo Johor was the first of its kind in Southeast Asia. On April 1962, Johor State Government has taken over the management of the zoo and then change the name from ‘Kebun Binatang’ to ‘Zoo Negeri Johor’ or fondly known as Zoo Johor.

In order to enhance the landscape of the Zoo Johor and to attract more people to come and enjoy their visit, staff of Southern Lion, together with the Managing Director, Mr. Kazuo Mabuchi and R&D Director, Mr. Eiji Ogura spent their days to paint and plant flowers. We paint and drew our mascot ‘Lion-chan’ near the chimpanzee cage.