• 1987


    Southern Lion Sdn Bhd commenced operations in our factory located in Larkin Industrial Estate

  • 1990


    Due to the increase in productivity,
    our factory relocated to our current site
    in Tebrau Industrial Estate, Johor Bahru

  • 1997


    A second drying tower was built to cater to
    the increasing demand of our detergents

  • 1998


    The Lion Dental Health Program was launched to promote oral health awareness . Since 1998, we have reached out to more than 1 million children across Malaysia

  • 1999


    We became the FIRST detergent manufacturer to be
    certified with ISO 9001, a testament to our commitment
    towards maintaining high quality and standards

  • 2000


    Gas Sulfonation Plant was commissioned
    to increase capacity and improve cost-efficiency,
    while in return provide affordable products for the consumer

  • 2001


    Bio Zip became the No 1 Polybag Powder Detergent
    in Malaysian households (TNS, Consumer Panel)

  • 2003


    • Certified ISO 14001 for an effective
      Environment Management System
    • Received GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)
      certification for quality assurance and product safety
  • 2006

    Our Production Plant was certified
    Halal by JAKIM to provide assurance
    to our Muslim consumers

    TOP Detergent became the
    NO 1 Premium Powder Detergent
    in Malaysian households

    (TNS, consumer panel)

    Kodomo Lion toothpaste
    maintained its position as
    the NO 1 Children’s Toothpaste

  • 2007

    Southern Lion celebrated our 20th anniversary, fulfilling consumer needs in Malaysia

    Launched our Corporate Website and Consumer Careline
    to provide sufficient information and channel
    to receive feedback from consumers


  • 2009


    Launched a new GMP  plant  to ensure high quality standard in producing Personal Care Products and cater to the increasing demand

  • 2012


    New Drying Tower was built to support continuous market growth

  • 2013

    Expanded the Liquid Detergent Plant
    to a newly acquired 2 acres site
    to produce liquid detergent and fabric softener
    for domestic and overseas market


    Signing of MOU with Dept of Environment, Johor
    as our commitment to contribute in efforts
    to preserve the environment

  • 2016


    New Research & Development building and facilities to support product innovations

  • 2017

    Celebrating 30 years of success and delivering our promise
    of a better and healthier living for fellow Malaysians

    Southern Lion launched a long term partnership with
    Department of Wildlife & National Park (PERHILITAN)
    to contribute to the Johor Elephant Sanctuary in August 2017

  • 2018

    Incorporated Lion Corporation Japan’s
    Corporate Slogan “Life.Love.LION”
    as part of our own Corporate Slogan.
    We have made it our mission at Southern Lion
    to contribute to ordinary life, everyday,
    fulfilling the spirit of love.

    Launched New and innovative products:

    • Top Turbo Concentrated Detergent in 2 variants
    • Top Plush Fabric Conditioner n 5 variants
    • Systema Advance Anti Plaque Toothpaste range with 3 variants
  • 2019


    Launched new products with advance technology:

    • Mochi Hada Face & Body Shower Lotion in 2 variants
    • Mochi Hada Face & Body Shower Oil
    • Systema Sensitive and Gum Protection Toothpaste in 2 variants
    • Kodomo Lion Strawberry Mint Toothpaste
    • Fresh & White Natural Fresh Mint Toothpaste