Even though you choose the right shampoo or conditioner for your scalp, it will be ineffective without the right method. Check out our recommendations on the proper ways to wash and dry your hair daily.

Many of us take for granted, the simple invention that does so much to give us dental health. By dental health, I mean not just strong clean healthy teeth but healthy gums too.

The major cause of caries and periodontal disease is plaque. Keep your mouth clean and brush your teeth after meals and before bedtime, so as to prevent periodontal disease.

Hypersensitivity is a symptom in which, when advanced, your teeth become sensitive or feel pain when stimuli such as temperature or toothbrush bristles are applied to the exposed dentin due to various reasons.

The key to preventing hypersensitivity is careful daily brushing. Do not neglect brushing because of sensitivity of your teeth, as doing so will make the symptoms worse.

Women are at a higher risk of developing sensitive teeth during pregnancy because of their hormonal changes. During pregnancy, their level of hormones (progesterone and oestrogen) increases 10 – 30 times, causing their gums to soften and bleed.

Chewing will not only make it easier to swallow food, but it also brings various other health benefits. Be sure to chew thoroughly when you eat.

Teeth have three main functions of “breaking down (masticating) food”, “enabling us to pronounce words”, and “shaping the face”.

In order to maintain oral health, it is necessary to start care from the age when teeth are formed. Let us consider the features of teeth that differ by age group, and precautions for each age group.